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Hotels, Restaurant and Hospitality

Whether a locally owned restaurant or multi-story hotel, the importance of proper security is critical to business. There is the property itself and the products, equipment and valuables on the premises. There are the people, including management, staff and guests. There is company information that is the lifeline of a business.

At AVR Security Systems, we understand the needs of the hospitality industry and are able to design and/or manage a system to provide the best possible protection for establishments of any size and scope. Our expert team evaluates the needs of each client – those with one site and others with multiple locations – and customizes a security system to meet the unique challenges and potential risks.

Common Threats/Challenges:

  • Robbery/Theft
  • Unauthorized Access
  • Critical Equipment
  • Facility Management

Common Security Options:

  • On-Site Alarm System
  • On-Site Video Surveillance
  • 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring
  • Desktop Alarm Monitoring
  • Access Control Systems
  • Remote Surveillance
  • Equipment Notification Systems
  • Multi-Location Security Plan

For those with a security system currently in place, we review ways to improve efficiencies and manage costs as well as provide on-going maintenance and service.

As technology has evolved, so has the installation of more and more audio/video equipment within hotels, restaurants and other hospitality establishments. From large LCD screens and audio systems in restaurants to televisions and DVD players in each hotel room, the need to keep such equipment in working order is important. At AVR, the Audio Video Repair team offers a full range of maintenance programs and repair options for just such needs.

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